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Research and Development Center "POTENTIAL-2" runs successfully on the market of technologies and equipments for sewage treatment for more than 15 years. The basic directions of our activity are working out, delivery and service of professional manufacture’s water treatment. By the present times there designed and sold more than 500 projects of purifying constructions. Today the company develops its activity successfully in Russia, Sweden, Slovakia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, and Czech.
R&D Center "POTENTIAL-2" offers the systems of industrial waste water and sewage treatment, designing purifying constructions for car wash water treatment, AFS, building grounds, drain water treatment out of the rubbish places, galvanic manufactures and other activities.

The company R&D Center "POTENTIAL-2" practices designing of purifying constructions, integrated deliveries, working out, manufacturing, starting and services in the following spheres/directions:

  • car wash water treatment. Sewage treatment plants for car wash water treatment allow to economize about 90 per cent of water and reduce the detergents’ consumption for car wash stations with the help of circulating water providing.
  • storm water treatment. The treatment of car wash stations’ gutters, AFS, shopping centers, car stations and others. The equipment helps to provide water treatment car wash stations’ gutters from oil products and weighed particles up the required norms for the further use in the system of technical circulating water providing.
  • drain water treatment. The equipment is used for drain water treatment up the indicators for which cleaned water can be drained into the ground (circulating water providing). Drain water treatment is provided by the use of combined technology, which includes the stages of mechanical, biological, and electrochemical treatment.
  • industrial waste water treatment. Industrial waste water treatment realizes from oil products and weighed particles, from traces of heavy metals, phenols up the required norms with dividing waste water in categories and without it.
  • galvanic waste water treatment. Galvanic waste water treatment is used at the machine-building, mining-metallurgical manufacturers, dye works and others in Russia, in the countries of SIS and the nearest foreign countries.
  • With increasing pressure on our water supplies as a result of recent drought conditions and population growth in our metropolitan centres, alternative water sources such as domestic water recycling, greywater, industrial water recycling, rainwater and stormwater are recognised as valuable resources.
    It is clear today for everyone that water recycling is safe, as well as clearly being cheaper, more reliable and less socially and environmentally damaging than other alternatives. In Australia, for example, researchers and water authorities say there's no scientific or health reason that water recycling can’t be used for drinking water supplies. To introduce schemes to water recycling into drinking water supplies is a good chance for some regions to help their communities overcome chronic water shortages due to drought and long-term, below-average rainfalls. As for industrial water recycling it is recognized as customised, cost-effective and compact solution for businesses that will save money and help the environment.

The sewage treatment and industrial waste water treatment it is a big problem in the industrial cities. Our company offers the modern decision of a problem sewage treatment. The sewage treatment it is a dangerous environmental problem all over the world. All large corporations should unite for the problem decision of sewage treatmen.

Thanks to the cleared water, sewage treatment (water recycling ) we can receive additional sources of water, instead of use a water world's reserve. Water recycling can be used both in agriculture and in the industry.
As water demands and environmental needs grow, water recycling will play a greater role in our overall water supply.