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Basic Activities of RDC "POTENTIAL-2" are:

Industrial waste water treatment:

  • Machine-building companies
  • Metallurgic companies
  • Railway transport
  • Motor transportation companies, car washers, etc.
  • Food producing companies
  • Service businesses
  • Petroleum storage companies
  • Heat electric generation plants
  • Oil and gas producing and pumping companies

Household sewages treatment:

  • Small settlements
  • Industrial companies (toilets, showers, kitchens, administrative premises, etc.)
  • Recreation areas, sport facilities
  • Country residential areas
  • Pioneer camps
  • Vacation houses, holiday hotels, sanatoriums
  • Hotels
  • Residential houses

Industrial and household waste water treatment:

  • Food producing companies
  • Domestic services businesses
  • Fur farms
  • Poultry farms
  • Cattle farms

Treatment of polluted surface water (storm and snowmelt drains):

  • Town and settlement territories
  • Industrial areas
  • Petrol stations, parking lots
  • River terminals
  • Sea terminals
  • Airdromes
  • Car services stations
  • Railway depot

Design of purification works and water cycling systems for various companies.

RDC "POTENTIAL-2" is interested in expanding sales of original equipment and will appreciate proposals to develop a dealers’ network as well as to establish representative offices in the Russian regions, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


Purification of natural water and water treatment Purification of natural water and water treatment
Wastewater purification Wastewater purification
Purification of tap water Purification of tap water
Ancillary equipment Ancillary equipment
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