Research & engineering center. Natural and wastewater treatment.
Professional solutions for natural and waste water treatment.
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Awards and Diplomas

Diplom Mir Auto 2004
Diplom Expohimiya 2004
Diplom Aqua-therm 2003
Municipal 2002
Diplom energy-effective technique and technology 2002
Diplom HI-TECH 2000
Arganonic's qualification certificate
Honorary diplom - Expohimiya
Diplom of VI international exhibition - Municipal 2001
Diplom - Mir auto
Diplom - Leader of the regional economics


Vehicle and equipment washing Vehicle and equipment washing
Sewages Sewages
Rain and melt drains from polluted surfaces Rain and melt drains from polluted surfaces
Garbage drains Garbage drains
Industrial waste water Industrial waste water
New equipment New equipment
Additional equipment Additional equipment
Water treatment and supply Water treatment and supply
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