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Scientific and Engineering Center "POTENTIAL-2" was established in cooperation with the Ukrainian Institute of Water Engineering (now — Rovensky State Technical University) for intensive implementation of water purification technologies and equipment for waste water treatment in the machine-building industry in Russia. LOMO (Leningrad), one of the leading industrial companies of the USSR, was the major site for implementation of our products.

Later RDC was reorganized into a limited company. The following department appeared in the organizational structure: R&D; design and construction, installation, commissioning and services, as well as a sales department and division for foreign affairs. After reorganization of the limited company into RDC "POTENTIAL-2", about 20 new technologies of natural and waste water treatment were developed and more than 50 new modifications and standard sizes of purification equipment were proposed.

Equipment of new generation for treatment of natural and waste water
Reliable, expense-saving and simple in operation equipment
Modern effective technologies of water recycling
Design of new equipment for special requirements
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