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REC POTENTIAL-2 supplies water treatment equipment for the «Magnit» retail network


The POTENTIAL-2 company developed equipment with a capacity of 110 m3/day for JSC «Tander» - the owner of OJSC «Magnit», the largest retail network in Russia. Successful technological tests were carried out using actual drains and water purification technology was developed. A project was designed of standardized comprehensive treatment facilities (complex) for industrial and domestic (110 m3/day) and surface (10 m3/h) wastewater for "Tyumen" and "Penza" distribution centers. At the moment, the complexes are delivered to those centers. A particular feature of sewage treatment plants is that the complex is supplied as a turnkey product, so the construction of the facility goes 3 times faster than usual. Moreover, the supplier (REC POTENTIAL-2) is fully responsible for the facilities and quality of purified water.

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