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Automation system

The UKOS-DV-AquaDrive system is designed to control electromechanical equipment, and run physico-mechanical and biological processes. It monitors the status of connected pumps, compressors, level sensors, mixers and electric valves, UV decontamination systems, chemical metering stations, and records events in the system continuously. In case of a malfunction, the system turns on the alarm and then starts the emergency response algorithm.

The system is designed to obtain the current value of measurements and alarms from subordinate units in real time, execute control commands and set technological parameters., Radio channels, wired switched and leased lines, networks, as well as GSM and GPRS mobile communication facilities may be used for data transmission.

Benefits of the system:

  • reduced maintenance costs for remote equipment
  • ability to quickly obtain information about equipment failures for rapid elimination of their causes
  • system management control by a single operator while operating a large number of units located at different sites
  • display of information on the screen in convenient human-friendly and readable form
  • possibility to change the equipment operation parameters and switch on/off the facility units remotely