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Bunker relays S1 and S2

The bunker relay is designed to control the level of the surfaces of free-stored (bulk) substances.

At the end of the cable, there is a cone-shaped bell that contains a microrelay, triggered by tilting the cone approximately 25° in either direction from its normal vertical position.

The unit should be installed at least 250 mm from the walls of the hopper and at least 300 mm from its center. 40 mm of cable is required to lead from the end of insulating tube up to the cone. The same requirements hold for the relay installed by the hopper side. When the hopper is filled up to its predetermined capacity, the relay is activated due to the rising level of stored bulk substance.

Below some examples are given of differences in bulk density that result in different sloping of the relay.

  1. Gravel: about 55°
  2. Wheat: about 45°
  3. Barley: about 40°
  4. Oats: about 38°
  5. Groats: about 40°

Technical information:

  1. Voltage: 250 VAC
  2. Current: 1A AC1
  3. Weight: 160g
  4. Operating temperature: -20°С - +60°С
  5. Cable dimensions: 2 x 1 mm 2, 2 m
  6. Dust and moisture protection: IP65
  7. Ring material: ABS
  8. Cable insulation: rubber