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Mini switch KARI FINN

The KARI mini-switch is intended for use as a control device for emptying and filling pumps, motor and magnetic valves, and also as an alarm device for preset levels of liquid surface. Due to its small size (80 mm diameter), the KARI mini switch can be used in tight spaces.

The Finnish state control center for electrical equipment approved the KARI mini-switch for use in non-flammable liquids with voltages up to 250 V. The KARI mini-switch is certified (Lat. SSA).

Stock mini switch Kari Finn and its application:

М1Н Upper limit signal or magnetic valve control
M1L Lower limit signal or magnetic valve control
М1С Signal (reverse switch)
М2Н Control of the emptying pump, no alarm
M2L Filling pump control, no alarm

When ordering, please specify:

  • type or desired functions
  • cable length, if cables longer than the stock 5 m are needed
  • height difference of trigger levels less than 250 mm or more than 1,000 mm required (minimum is 50 mm, maximum is 1500 mm)

In case the controlled liquid is viscous, it is recommended to attach additional loads to the cable, which we supply:

  • Weight E: 250 g, black-red, fixed by a wedge.
  • Weight G: 400 g, black, fixed by a wedge.

If liquid level problems occur, please contact us!

Connection diagrams