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Oil trap for wastewater treatment from petroleum products

Общие данные

Oil trap for wastewater treatment from petroleum products

The UKOS-PROM-ON oil trap is designed for preliminary treatment of sewage from petroleum products and suspended matter. The installation consists of a sedimentation tank for extracting suspended matter and an impurity separator tray of density less than water density arranged in a common housing. The housing features partitions and branch nozzles designed to organize the flow of liquid to be cleaned, petroleum products and sediment. In the upper part of the housing there are oil collection pockets for concentrating and removing trapped petroleum products. The main technological equipment and software of oil trap for sewage treatment are of Russian origin.

The device may be completed with petroleum products collecting container and a set of automatics that enables the equipment to operate in fully automated mode without the presence of personnel.

Application range of oil trap for wastewater treatment

The unit is used for preliminary cleaning of oily wastewater and prevention of accidents in the sewage system associated with the ingress of significant amounts of petroleum products. Oil trap for wastewater treatment from petroleum products may be installed at workshop outlets, upstream of wastewater storage tanks or in sewage treatment plant buildings.

Комплект поставки

В основной комплект поставки входят:

  • the UKOS-PROM-ON installation
  • passport
  • operations manual


The equipment is manufactured of carbon or stainless steel as well as polypropylene or polyethylene. The unit is available with manual or automatic control with controller automatics and dispatching function for data transfer to the central control panel or the operator's mobile phone. Delivery is also available in a turnkey container version as a ready-made unit-module.

Условия поставки

Срок поставки: 1-3 месяца (в зависимости от типоразмера оборудования, загруженности производства, сроков поставки комплектующих).

Транспортировка: by automobile or rail.

Складирование оборудования: in heated premises.


Стандартный гарантийный срок составляет 12 месяцев со дня приёмки оборудования в эксплуатацию. Возможно увеличение срока гарантии за дополнительную плату.

Исходные требования

Установку допускается применять при следующих исходных данных:

  • concentration maximum*, mg/l:
    • suspended matter - 1500
    • petroleum products - 1000
    • BOD20 – 100
    • COD - 250
    • other specific impurities (including heavy metals, phenols, pesticides), for each substance - 1

* Provided the unit is properly equipped, it is capable of receiving emergency discharges of oil products of any concentration.

Габаритный чертёж

Technical specifications

# Indicator Value
1. Rated capacity, m3/hr 1 5 10
2. Concentration in purified water, maximum, mg/l:
- suspended matter 200
- petroleum products 30
3. Outer dimensions, mm
- Length (L) 1 300 2 200 2 200
- Width (W) 1 250 2 630 5 260
- Height (H) 1 500 3 130 3 130
4. Mass/operating mass, kg 1 000 / 3 000 1 470 / 7 300 2 940 / 14 600
5. Purification efficiency (in dependence of initial concentrations):
- suspended matter 60-80%
- petroleum products 60-90%
6. Operation mode continuous

Note: all information presented in this prospectus is meant for guidance only and can be specified when designing or ordering the equipment. Also, the company reserves its right to make changes and upgrade the presented equipment.