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Sewage pumping stations

The UKOS-DV-KNS sewage pumping stations are designed for pumping sewage of household, industrial or atmospheric origin, when their gravity feed is impossible or economically unjustified.

KNS units are produced in their turnkey readiness and can be mounted and connected on site immediately upon delivery.

The station features a fiberglass machine winded (radial or crosswise) housing with its mounted piping system, shut-off valves and maintenance elements (hatch, stairs, suspension platform, etc.). It is equipped with submersible or self-priming pumps from the world's leading manufacturers.

Pumps are controlled by means of float sensors and a control panel, which is mounted on a separate frame near the sewage pumping station (outdoor control panel) or in the nearest building (indoor control panel).

  1. Fiberglass housing
  2. CPS cover
  3. Technological flooring
  4. Ventilation
  5. Pump pedestal
  6. Pumps
  7. Float switches
  8. Pressure line
  9. Pump guides
  10. Supply line
  11. Recycle bin for large debris
  12. Stairs
  13. Wedge gate valve
  14. Check valve
  15. Control panel
  16. Pump housing
  17. Suction piping
  18. Pump drive system
  19. Guiding baskets
  20. Insulated cable
Housing diameter mm 1 000 1 200 1 600 1 800 2 000 2 300 3 000
Height m from 1 to 15
Capacity m3/hr up to 5 000
Head m up to 100

KNS equipment is completed with pumps from the manufacturers:

  • "Grundfos" (Denmark)
  • ABS (Sweden)
  • KSB (Germany)
  • "Zenith" (Italy)
  • "Dub" (Italy)
  • "Vylo" (Germany)
  • "Gorman-Rupp" (USA)

It is possible to complete the station with pumps from other manufacturers on request by the customer.

Vertical body with submersible pumps

That is the most common version of the KNS. The hull of the station is installed in a foundation arranged in advance in the pit and is attached to a concrete slab, which acts as an anchor base and prevents the station from "ascending". If KNS is to be protected against unauthorized access or its additional thermal protection is required against low temperatures, a ground pavilion may be mounted over the KNS.

Vertical body with self-priming pumps

This design of the sewage pumping station stems from the use of Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps; the station is equipped with an additional fiberglass housing in which the control cabinet, the drive system and the pumps are mounted, which simplifies technical and repair work.

Horizontal housing with submersible pumps

Sewage pumping station with horizontally oriented hull is installed on sites with uneven sewage flow rate entering the KNS or sewage treatment plants. The station reservoir accumulates volley discharges of rainwater and its pumps pump water downstream in regular mode. Power consumption is equalized that way. The sewage pumping station with horizontal hull accumulates the drains first and then pumps the accumulated volume during the hours of the least power demand.