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General information

"UKOS-VOD" is a combined plant based on the technology of intensive oxidation of divalent iron with the subsequent removal of slightly soluble iron substances and other impurities by filtration through a modified polymer carrier which is lighter than water. Depending on the quality of in-coming water, the plant may be equipped with appropriate additional modules.

"UKOS-VOD" is a compact plant of free-flow type. It is based on new technological principles which improve the efficiency and reliability of equipment.

"UKOS-VOD" is simple in operation and does not demand constant operating personnel. It is characterized by comparatively low power consumption and may work continuously or periodically.

"UKOS-VOD" permits one to remove iron effectively from water with a complicated composition when traditional filters are not sufficient to purify water to achieve a drinking water standard.


Field of application

"UKOS-VOD" plant is intended for treatment of natural water, iron removal from water from underground and surface sources and from central water supply lines contaminated with corrosion products brought from external water supply networks in residential areas and industrial enterprises required by GOST 2874-84 "Drinking Water" and SanPiN

It may be also used for purification and advanced purification of industrial waste water and removal of iron before discharge into the sewage system and waterways or before entering recycling water systems. "UKOS-VOD" plant may be used in construction of new or modernization and reconstruction of existing iron-removing stations in residential and recreation areas, vacation houses, holiday hotels, sanatoriums, motels, camping, etc., equipped with central water supply systems.

"UKOS-VOD" plant may be used for iron removal from technological water at food producing companies including distilleries, breweries, and soft drinks producers.

"UKOS-VOD" plant may be used for iron removal from water before entering ioRDCe filters including catioRDC filters for softening water in boilers of small and medium capacity.

"UKOS-VOD" plant may be used as one of the steps in producing water of special purity.


Initial conditions of use

"UKOS-VOD" plant may be used at the following iRDCial conditions:

  • Water flow, m3/hour — 10 — 2000
  • Concentration not more than, mg/l:
    • Total iron — 15
    • Divalent iron — 10
    • hydrogen sulphide — 2
  • pH not less than 6.8
  • AlkaliRDCy, mg — equivalent/l — not less than 1.5

If you have other iRDCial design database in respect of water consumption and composition, please, consult RDC "POTENTIAL-2" before application of "UKOS-VOD" plant.


Standard equipment

Standard equipment includes:

  • "UKOS-VOD" plant
  • Reactor for air removal
  • Air saturation system



"UKOS-VOD" plant is made of carbon iron or stainless steel, polypropylene or polyethylene.
"UKOS-VOD" plant is equipped with manual or automatic washing of filtering filler or with self-washing device.


Technical Specification

Equipment order

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