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General information

Application of the technology used in “UFIAN-M” plant for modernization and reconstruction of existing purification works as well as for construction of new neutralization stations permits:

To perform purification of waste water with medium and high concentrations of heavy metals to reach the required limits with or without separation of waste water into categories

  • Decrease consumption of chemical reagents.
  • To perform disinfection and stabilization of purified water.
  • To decrease salt concentration in purified water due to decreased consumption of chemical reagents.
  • To obtain small amounts of solid wastes with a composition and physical, chemical and mechaRDCal properties suitable for further recycling and utilization.
  • To recycle 50 — 90% of purified water in galvaRDC production without additional desalting equipment depending on the salt concentration of in-coming waste water.
  • Compact lay out of purification equipment decreases the length of the pipeline and the quantity of pumps and fittings.
  • To decrease materials and power consumption of the waste water purification process and treatment of arising solid wastes by 15 — 25%.

Waste water purification complex "UFIAN-M" meets requirements for state-of-art equipment in efficiency, Technical specifications and profitability.

Technical ideas used in technology and equipment are in the licensing process and include "know-how".


Field of application

Waste water purification complex "UFIAN-M" consists of modules and blocks and is intended for treatment of waste water of various categories:

  • Printboard production.
  • GalvaRDC technologies.
  • Metallurgic plant waste water.
  • Circulating water from hydrofilters in painting chambers.
  • Leather industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Drainage water from muRDCipal solid waste landfills.
  • Recycling water in cooling systems.
  • Petroleum and oil containing waste water.
  • Lacquer and paint producing line.
  • Other types of industrial waste water after installation of additional modules.


Terms of delivery

"UFIAN-M" plant may be used at the following iRDCial conditions:

  • Wastes water flow, m3/hour — up to 100
  • Concentration not more than, mg/l:
    • heavy metals (total) — 800-1000
    • Extracted substances — 200-250
      • including oil products — 150-200
  • Wastes water temperature, °C — 10-50


Standard equipment

Standard equipment includes:

  • Purification complex "UFIAN-M".
  • Electrolysis blocks with plate electrodes or chip mixers.
  • Saturators and ejectors.
  • Nutsch filter or filter press.
  • Tanks for consumed chemicals.
  • Auxiliary parts and equipment, pipes, fittings, moulded pieces (required by the customer).



"UFIAN-M" plants are made from ferrous materials, plastic or stainless steel.


Terms of delivery

Delivery time — 1.5 — 9 months (depending on the order complexity).
Delivery — by transport of any kind.
Equipment storage — under hovel, during summer time — in the open air.



The plant warranty period is 12 months from the date of commissioning. For auxiliary parts, the warranty period is 6 months.

Technical Specification

Equipment order

Equipment of new generation for treatment of natural and waste water
Reliable, expense-saving and simple in operation equipment
Modern effective technologies of water recycling
Design of new equipment for special requirements
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