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Milk processing waste water treatment

General information

"UKOS-BIO-FF" is a plant based on pressure flotation in biological, physical and chemical treatment of waste water.

"UKOS-BIO-FF" is a compact plant consisting of modules and units. It is based on new technological principles which improve efficiency and reliability of equipment.

"UKOS-BIO-FF" is simple in operation and does not demand constant operating personnel, characterized by comparatively low power consumption, may work continuously or periodically.

"UKOS-BIO-FF" is intended for treatment of highly contaminated waste water with production of flotation sludge with low moisture content (less than 95%). Sludge is dehydrated rapidly and effectively due to improved water yield.


Field of application

Flotation plant "UKOS-BIO-FF" is intended for treatment of household and industrial waste water from breweries and malt plants, bakeries, flour producing plants, dairies, cheesemaking and margarine producing facilities and other food manufacturing companies.

These waste water may be contaminated with: Suspended substances, oil products, oils, fats, organic substances and detergents, slightly soluble compounds containing heavy metals, as well as for separation and compacting of activated sludge at purification works for household waste water and mixtures of household and industrial waste water.

"UKOS-BIO-FF" plant may be used in design and construction of new or restoration or modernization of existing purification works at machine-building, railway, motor transportation companies, in light, food and other industries.

"UKOS-BIO-FF" plant may be used for treatment of waste water containing oil emulsions, lubricating fluid wastes, deoiling solutions, etc.

"UKOS-BIO-FF" plant is used for highly contaminated waste water prior to discharge into sewage, as well as in technologies of deep purification prior to discharge into waterways or before feeding purified water into recycling systems.

Waste water purification in "UKOS-BIO-FF" plant may be performed with or without addition of chemical reagents.


Initial design database

"UKOS-BIO-FF" plant may be used at the following initial conditions:

  • Wastes water flow, m3/hour — 1-200
  • Concentration not more than, mg/l:
    • Oil products — 500
    • Oils — 500
    • Fats — 500
    • Suspended substances — 2 500
    • Detergents — 50
    • Biochemical oxygen demand (complete), mg О2/l — up to 1000
    • Chemical oxygen demand, mg О2/l — up to 2000
  • Wastes water temperature, 49850C — 10-25


Standard equipment

Standard equipment includes:

  • "UKOS-BIO-FF" plant.
  • Saturator.
  • Waste water feeding pump for to feed saturator.
  • Ejector.



"UKOS-BIO-FF" plants are made from ferrous materials or stainless steel.


Terms of delivery

Delivery time — 0,5-6 months (depending on the order complexity).
Transportation — motor or railway transportation.
Equipment storage — under hovel, during summer time — in the open air.



"UKOS-BIO-FF" plant warranty period is 12 months from the date of commissioning.


Technical Specification

Equipment order

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