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Rain and melt drains treatment

General information

"UKOS-D" is approved industrial equipment for advanced treatment of storm and snowmelt waste water from contaminated territories to the level meeting waterways discharge limits or appropriate for water recycling system.

UKOS-D" is a compact plant consisting of modules and blocks. It is based on modern technologies of electrochemical purification and filtration without consumption of any additional chemicals.

"UKOS-D" is simple in operation and doesn’t demand constant operating personnel.


Field of application

Water purification equipment “UKOS-D” is intended for:

  • Purification of storm waste water to eliminate impurities, oil products, organic substances and other contaminations.
  • Purification of oil-containing waste water from oil processing plants.
  • Advanced treatment of sewage water of various types.

BMWC "UKOS-D" may be used in construction of new water purification works as well as in reconstruction or modernization of existing facilities.

"UKOS-D" plant may be located above ground and underground.


Initial conditions of use

"UKOS-D" plant may be used at the following iRDCial conditions:
Concentration not more than, mg/l:

  • Oil products — 500
  • Suspended substances — 3 000
  • Biochemical oxygen demand 20 — 100
  • Chemical oxygen demand — 250

Height necessary to install equipment — not less than 3.5 m.


Standard equipment

Standard equipment includes:

  • "UKOS-D" plant with required capacity.
  • Auxiliary parts and materials (according to the customer’s requirements).



Equipment is made of carbon or stainless steel.
BMWC "UKOS-D" has got a hygieRDC statement.
"UKOS-D" is proposed in semi-automatic and automatic versions.


Terms of delivery

Delivery time — 0.5 — 1.5 months (depending on the order complexity).
Transportation — any kind of transportation.
Equipment storage — under hovel, during summer time — in the open air.



The plant warranty period is 12 months from the date of commissioning.


Technical Specification

Equipment order

Equipment of new generation for treatment of natural and waste water
Reliable, expense-saving and simple in operation equipment
Modern effective technologies of water recycling
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