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Vehicle and equipment washing waste water treatment

Car wash


General information

"UKOS-AUTO" is modern and reliable equipment for purification of waste water from car washing that permits one to recycle water without discharge to sewage systems.

"UKOS-AUTO" is a compact plant consisting of modules and blocks. It is based on modern technologies of electrochemical purification and filtration without consumption of any chemicals.

"UKOS-AUTO" plant is easy to operate, does not demand operators, energy consumption is low, and the plant may be installed in the washing premises.


Field of application

Water treatment "UKOS-AUTO" plant consists of modules and blocks and is intended for purification of waste water from washing of:

  • Cars and trucks with carburetor and diesel engines.
  • Railway and metro vehicles.
  • Buses, cars and trucks at motor transport enterprises, motor service stations.
  • Aggregates and components.
  • Other motor equipment.


Standard equipment

Standard equipment includes:

  • "UKOS-AUTO" plant with a required capacity and control automation.
  • Rectifier.
  • Waste water feeding pump.

Optional equipment:

  • Equipment for vehicle washing.
  • Additional water tank.
  • Booster pump.
  • Other components for washing shops.



"UKOS-AUTO" plants are made from ferrous materials, plastic or stainless steel.


Terms of delivery

Delivery time — 0.5 — 2 months (depending on the order complexity). Transportation — any transportation types (motor or railway transportation is preferred).
Equipment storage — under hovel, during summer time — in the open air.



The plant warranty period is 12 months — in Russia, 24 months — abroad from the date of commissioning. For auxiliary parts, the warranty period is 6 months.


Technical Specification

Equipment order

Equipment of new generation for treatment of natural and waste water
Reliable, expense-saving and simple in operation equipment
Modern effective technologies of water recycling
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