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Cleaning of domestic wastewater

Общие данные

Cleaning of domestic wastewater

Block-modular water treatment complex (BMWC) UKOS-BIO-FX is designed for combined physical and chemical treatment of domestic wastewater. Thanks to the design solutions used, its special parameters and operation modes, the equipment ensures stable quality of purified water within a wide variability range and composition of wastewater entering the sewage treatment plants, its concentrations of various components, as well as their high irregularity with time of day, months or season.

The complex consists of a hydraulically interconnected primary settler, a two-stage clarifier, a mechanical and adsorption filter, a biodestructor and a module for ultraviolet disinfection of purified water.

Clarifiers are equipped with mixers and flocculators, which ensure efficient flow of coagulation, sorption and formation of poorly soluble ammonium and phosphorus-containing compounds. To reduce secondary contamination of purified water and simplify the operation of wastewater treatment facilities, clarifiers may be additionally equipped with electrocoagulators with aluminum or steel electrodes.

The technology used in the water treatment complex meets the criterion of the best available.

Application range

BMWC UKOS-BIO-FX is designed to purify domestic wastewater at centralized or local treatment facilities that service facilities featuring highly uneven water consumption during the day, week, month or season. It is capable of cleaning household waste, mixture of household and industrial wastewater, as well as their mixtures with surface runoff.

The UKOS-BIO-FX water treatment plant may be used to treat sewage from in populated areas, resort areas featuring seasonal change in the number of residents, cottage and shift camps, children's health camps, stand-alone seasonal hotels, boarding houses, motels, campgrounds, entertainment and shopping complexes.

The UKOS-BIO-FX unit may be used to purify household sewage at industrial, transportation and service enterprises operating in single- or double-shift operation mode, their treated wastewater discharged into the natural water bodies or the surrounding terrain.

The UKOS-BIO-FX wastewater treatment facilities may be designed as temporary facilities for servicing residential estates, enterprises and stand-alone construction sites before these are connected to centralized water disposal system.

Комплект поставки

В основной комплект поставки входят:

  • the UKOS-BIO-FX water treatment complex
  • ancillary equipment and component parts (as agreed with the Buyer)
  • passport
  • operations manual


The equipment is manufactured of carbon steel with anti-corrosion coating or stainless steel as agreed with the Buyer. A combined option is possible, when only the final cleaning unit is made of stainless steel.

Условия поставки

Срок поставки: 1-3 месяца (в зависимости от типоразмера оборудования, загруженности производства, сроков поставки комплектующих).

Транспортировка: by automobile or rail.

Складирование оборудования: in heated premises.


Стандартный гарантийный срок составляет 12 месяцев со дня приёмки оборудования в эксплуатацию. Возможно увеличение срока гарантии за дополнительную плату.

Исходные требования

Установку допускается применять при следующих исходных данных:

  • household wastewater of usual composition with standard concentrations of suspended matter, organic compounds, ammonium nitrogen, phosphates, surfactants
  • domestic sewage containing specific components - fats, petroleum products, oils and others

The low capacity UKOS-BIO-FX water treatment plants with their ancillary equipment are housed in standard containers, while high capacity plants are deployed in prefabricated buildings of wastewater treatment plants. In some cases, an underground option of UKOS-BIO-FX may be deployed in serviced basements.

Sewage may be gravity fed to the UKOS-BIO-FX sewage treatment plant or be pumped in by a pumping station. Wastewater enters the averager storage tank fitted with grating and sand trap.

Block diagram of wastewater treatment

  1. Accumulator-averager of domestic wastewater
  2. Sewage water pump for the UKOS-BIO-F water treatment plant
  3. Primary clarifier
  4. Clarifiers of the 1st and 2nd stage with mixers and flocculators
  5. Mechanical filter
  6. Adsorption filter
  7. Module for UV disinfection of treated waters
  8. Unit for reagents preparation and dosing
  9. Sludge processing and dewatering unit

Technical specifications

# Indicator Complex modification
1. Maximum capacity, round-the-clock operation, m3/day 20 50 100 200
2. Calculated hourly flow of treated wastewater after averaging, m3/h 0.83 2.1 4.2 8.3
3. Specific electricity consumption, kWh/m3 0.1-0.3
4. Labor costs with round-the-clock operation, man -hours 8 16
5. Operation mode periodic / continuous
6. Admissible operation breaks not limited
7. Automation level automatic control
8. Technologocal control scope Local control by indicating and alarm signaling instruments
9. Purified water quality Complies with regulatory requirements for discharge to water bodies and terrain. May be used for irrigation.

Note: the required amount of water treatment plants is determined by the efficiency of treatment facilities. Unit is authorized for use in water treatment plants and complexes of different capacities.