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Wastewater purification from galvanic production

Общие данные

Cleaning of electroplating waste: wastewater purification from galvanic plants

The UKOS-PROM block-modular water treatment complex (BMWC) is designed to purify galvanic drains and other categories of industrial wastewater.

Using the technology implemented in the installation to upgrade and reconstruct the existing treatment facilities or to construct new wastes neutralization stations enables one to:

  • carry out purification of waste water from galvanic plants with medium and high concentration of heavy metal ions up to the required standards with or without separation of wastewater into categories;
  • abandon partially the use of chemical reagents or reduce their consumption significantly;
  • reduce the salt content of purified water by reducing the amount of reagents used;
  • depending on salt content of the galvanic wastewater entering treatment, reuse 50-90% of the treated water in the production without involving any additional equipment to desalinate it;
  • disinfect and stabilize purified water;
  • reduce the amount of solid waste, which is suitable for further processing and disposal according to its composition, physicochemical and mechanical properties;
  • reduce material consumption and energy intensity of the process of purifying galvanic effluents and treating the generated solid waste by 15-25%;
  • deploy water treatment equipment in a compact way, reduce the length of technological pipelines, the number of pumps and fittings.

In terms of its efficiency, technical and economic indicators the BMWC corresponds to the world level. Technical solutions used in its technology and equipment are patented, and the elements of "know-how" are provided for.

Комплект поставки

В основной комплект поставки входят:

  • the UKOS-PROM water treatment complex
  • electrolyzers with plate electrodes or chip mixers
  • saturators and ejectors
  • nutch filter or filter press
  • containers for expendable reagents
  • components and equipment, pipes, fittings, fixtures (as agreed with the Buyer)


The equipment is manufactured of carbon steel, plastic or stainless steel.

Условия поставки

Срок поставки: 1-3 месяца (в зависимости от типоразмера оборудования, загруженности производства, сроков поставки комплектующих).

Транспортировка: by any transportation means available.

Складирование оборудования: under canopy, or in the open during summer season.


Стандартный гарантийный срок составляет 12 месяцев со дня приёмки оборудования в эксплуатацию. Возможно увеличение срока гарантии за дополнительную плату.

Исходные требования

Установку допускается применять при следующих исходных данных:

  • drainage flow rate, m3/h - up to 100
  • Concentration, maximum, mg/l:
    • heavy metals (amount) - 1000
    • Extractables - 250
      • including petroleum products - 200
  • drainage temperature, °C - 10-50

Technical specifications

# Indicator Complex modification
1. Capacity, m3/hr 1 1-2.5 2.5-5 5-10 10-25
2. Operation time to electrodes change, months 6-12
3. Contaminants concentration in purified water, mg/l:
- chromium hexavalent absent
- chromium trivalent traces
- ferrum, total traces
- zinc traces
- nickel traces
- copper traces
- petroleum products 0.05
- suspended matter 2.0
- COD mg О2/l as required by the customer
- рН 6.5-8.5
4. Outer dimensions, mm:
- Length (L) 2 500 3 300 4 000 6 500 7 500
- Width (W) 1 200 2 000 2 000 2 500 2 500
- Height (H) 2 500 2 500 2 500 2 500 5 000
5. Installed power, kW, max 5 8 12 25 60
6. Filtering cycle duration, hr 10
7. Operation mode continuous or periodic

Note: upon request, a UKOS-PROM water treatment plant with a capacity exceeding 100 m3/h may be supplied