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Purifying rainwater runoff (underground installation)

Общие данные

Purifying rainwater runoff

The compact UKOS-DP block-modular water treatment complex (BMWC) enables purifying rainwater runoff to the required standards for its further use in technical (recycled) water supply system or discharge into natural reservoirs. It uses modern technology of physicochemical treatment of rainwater on the basis of sedimentation, coagulation, filtration and sorption, complying fully with the requirements of the current legislation fully defendable in the course of expert examination.

BMWC is easy to operate and does not require constant presence of maintenance personnel. Unlike its existing analogues, the equipment enables easy access for full-fledged scheduled maintenance, eliminating the need for numerous and expensive service procedures. It does not require any frequent changes of consumables either.

Surface, underground, as well as fully automated installation options are available, the latter based on controller automatics. Underground deployment frees one of the need to build special premises for housing rainwater treatment facilities, thus saving the area above the installation for basic production purposes.

It is recommended to place an underground reservoir for accumulation of drainage and its pre-cleaning upstream of the facility itself.

Application range

The BMWC UKOS-DP complex is designed for purifying rainwater that has undergone preliminary mechanical cleaning. The installation may be used in hypermarket parking lots, shopping malls, sports facilities, gas stations, garages, car parks, other transport facilities and services, as part of newly constructed water treatment plants, as well as for reconstructing or upgrading the existing ones.

Комплект поставки

В основной комплект поставки входят:

  • the UKOS-DP installation of the required capacity
  • component parts and materials (as agreed with the Customer)


Equipment is manufactured of carbon or stainless steel and plastic.

The BMWC UKOS-DP facility features all the required permits and certificates.

The UKOS-DP facilities are available for operation in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode.

Условия поставки

Срок поставки: 1-3 месяца (в зависимости от типоразмера оборудования, загруженности производства, сроков поставки комплектующих).

Транспортировка: by any transportation means available.

Складирование оборудования: under canopy, or in the open during summer season.


Стандартный гарантийный срок составляет 12 месяцев со дня приёмки оборудования в эксплуатацию. Возможно увеличение срока гарантии за дополнительную плату.

Исходные требования

Установку допускается применять при следующих исходных данных:

  • concentration, maximum, mg/l:
    • petroleum products - 40
    • suspended matter - 1000
    • BOD20 - 50
    • COD - 50
  • Water catchment area, maximum - 5 hectare

Габаритный чертёж

Technical specifications

# Indicator Complex modification
1. Capacity, m3/hr 0.5 1 2
2. Maximum water catchment area, ha 0.3 0.5 1
3. Autonomous operation duration to scheduled technical maintenance, months up to 3
4. Concentration in purified water, mg/l:
- suspended matter up to 3.0
- petroleum products up to 0.05
5. Outer dimensions, mm:
- Length (L) 990 990 1490
- Width (W) 990 990 1490
- Height (H) 1500 1500 1500
6. Weight, t:
- dry 0.42 0.42 0.65
- water filled 3 3 5.5
7. Installed power, maximum, kW 0.6 0.6 0.8
8. Filtering cycle duration, hr 8
9. Operation mode continuous or periodic