Natural and wastewater treatment
Since 1989
professional solutions
for natural and waste
water treatment

Site investigation, analysis and recommendations, equipment selection

Site investigation is performed in the following circumstances:

  • IRDCial data provided by the customer is not reliable;
  • Absence of data regarding quantity and composition of waste water and the customer’s inability to collect the required data;
  • Necessity to improve accuracy of identification of sources and conditions of sewage discharge;
  • In the case of modernization and reconstruction of existing purification works to determine the Technical condition of water treatment and auxiliary equipment and estimate the feasibility of its use after reconstruction;
  • In other cases when additional data is needed for design of purification facilities.

In all cases, excluding the last, the customer reimburses all expenses incurred by REC to provide the service.

Analytical results are needed to collect or improve the accuracy of the iRDCial data. Those may include express-analysis and complete chemical evaluation of waste water in certified analytical laboratories. Technical recommendations (schedule) are provided if the customer orders design of purification facilities for a third party. Recommendations include information sufficient to prepare a complete set of project documentation. If the technology of purification works include equipment produced by REC POTENTIAL-2 outline drawings of this equipment will be attached to recommendations. By the customer’s request, selection of a complete set of treatment and auxiliary equipment for the proposed purification works is provided for facilities under construction or reconstruction.

Terms of delivery

Delivery time — 0.5 — 6 months.
Transportation — motor or railway transportation.
Storage — under hovel.


The warranty period for “UKOS-VOD” plant is 12 months from the date of commissioning.