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Assembly supervision works

Assembly supervision works are performed directly on site of the constructed or reconstructed facility during the installation of water treatment and ancillary equipment. They help avoiding errors and deviations from the project when installing the equipment and its piping and fixtures in place.

In case of need, decisions are also taken during the period of supervisory work on the possibility of replacing one brand of equipment envisaged by the project with another suggested by the Customer. Project supervision work is carried out at an agreed price.

Equipment start-up and adjustment

Commissioning is carried out after the construction and installation works are completed and the facility proceeds to the stage of technological adjustment. Commissioning includes start-up and test running of the entire water purification and ancillary equipment installed at the facility, including its backup, as well as testing the technological regimes and parameters of its operation.

After the commissioning is completed, training of maintenance personnel and developing the manuals on the operation of treatment facilities take place. Pre-commissioning works are carried out at a contract price.

Warranty service

During the warranty period, REC performs service maintenance and eliminates defects identified in the course of operation at its own expense, provided the operating personnel follows the operating instructions and the actual functional indicators data comply with the design data.

REC is not responsible for the efficiency of water treatment equipment in case the installation and commissioning work was carried out without participation of REC specialists.

Post-warranty service

Upon the expiration of the warranty period, the Customer may enter a contract for periodic maintenance of water treatment facility.